Smart Lakhapati Kisan Program


By the Development Cooperation and Support of Tata Trust, BRLF, Infosys &CINI, PRAVAH a leading Voluntary Organization based at Deoghar has been implementing a Livelihood Project Mission 2020 - Smart Lakhapati Kisan Program in 44 villages from 5 Panchayats of Jama Block in Dumka district since 2015 and the Project is challenging rural poverty, hunger, food insecurity, low income and migration. The Project period is for 5 years from April 2015 to March 2020. This is the Annual Achievement Narrative Report of 4th year 2018-19 of the project.

1. Project Title : “Building Jama block, Dumka district Jharkhand as a driver of regional growth while transforming quality of life of 3000 HH under central India Initiative - Partnership”.

2. Implementing Agency : PRAVAH. Bampass Town, Deo Sangh Road, Deoghar, Pin-814114, Jharkhand. Email- Contact No. 9431132568/9631150406.

3. Project Location. : 44 Rural tribal villages from 5.Panchayats of Jama Block under Dumka district in Jharkhand.

4. Target Beneficiary : 3000 rural poor tribal households & Women.

5. Project Goal : Mission 2020- Smart Lakhapati Kisan by raising Rs.120,00 annual income of target households through Livelihood.

6. Objectives :
A- T0 ensure sustainable improvement in agriculture Crop production, Goat rearing, Lac Cultivation, Horticulture Plantation, Fishery and income generation of 3000 tribal HH in 44 villages
B- To create and strengthen people institutions (SHGs, Village Organization (VO) & Cluster Level Federation (CLF)) to sustainably promote, support and manage land, water, agriculture , Goat rearing, Lac, Pond fishery development in the project area
C- Comprehensive conservation measures leads to sustainable land & water management, improved livelihoods and significantly contribute to Smart Lakhapati Kissan.
D- Promotion of on farm and off farm income generation activities for livelihood support and drudgery reduction for asset less and the women.
E- Intervention on Convergence & Leverage of Government Schemes/Programmes for livelihood promotion.

7. Project Main Focus : Hunger reduction, Employment generation, Water conservation, Crop production & Cooperative marketing, Household food security & livelihood, NRM, Women empowerment, Capacity development & irreversible development process. Increasing Household Income and making Lakhapati Kissan.

8. Project Key Principles.
Focus on irreversibility of the impact, with increased resilience of the communities.SHG federation and secondary tiers spearheading the development processes in the area. Develop and strengthen community based institutions including PRI members/Gram Sabha and enterprises .
Market Oriented Intervention.
Demand Led intervention.
Innovation – not stereotyped.
Convergent multi-sectoral plans addressing quality of life.
Leverage of Trust investments for channelizing other source contribution.
Scale of Significance and saturation approach.

Project Strategy: SHGs, VO & Federation and community led initiatives. Capacity Building Training, Meeting, Workshop, Exposure, Field visit, Demonstration of high value crops, Handholding support &Technological Agricultural Inputs support, Linkage with Banks, Natural Resource Management, Convergence of all stakeholders for poverty alleviation programs.

Collective Planning, Monitoring, Review, Documentation & Reporting.

10. Achievements
10.1.Institutional Development:

During this year, several Capacity Building Training, exposure, regular Planning & Review meeting conducted at SHGs, VOs and Federation level to strengthen and sustain the ongoing programs at field level which ultimately be resulted to make Lakhapati Kisan by increasing their annual income from livelihood prototypes and to strengthen the Leadership and Managerial Capacity of SHG/VO/Federation leaders to manage their institutions independently at different level. The prime focus Agriulture achievement of lakhpati kisan this year : -

Kharif Agriculture Plan Vs Achievements.

HH Acres HH Acres HH Acres HH Acres
2894 1498.6 2890 569.43 2072 186.58 1836 153.41
HH Acres HH Acres HH Acres HH Acres
2810 1349.46 2889 575.6 1416 121.79 1104 1.4.93

Rabi Agriculture Plan Vs Achievements.
Cole Crop
HH Acres HH Acres HH Acres HH Acres HH Acres
1247 112.32 192 27.15 436 40.68 1286 123.11 29 2.7
453 40.37 257 22.18 412 34.77 931 95.44 19 1.82

Summer Plan Vs Achievement

HH Acres HH Acres HH Acres HH Acres
30 2.67 165 14.66 32 2.67 959 84.45
Total Soilless Saplings supplied from Two Nurseries.
Total 6,32,350 Soilless Saplings provided during Kharif Kisan- 2994/ Rabi- 1354/ Summer- 912 Kisan.

Water Resource Development

Achievement Of water resource structure : -

Slno Plan Achievement Total Kisan Acres to be Irrigated
1 Construction of 15 Ponds. 15.Ponds constructed 171 43 acres
2 Construction of 15.Seepage Wells 15.Seepage Wells constructed 199 64.04 acres
3 Instillation of 1. River Lift Irrigation O1.Lift Irrigation Installed 66 25 acres.
4 Instillation of 50 Acres Drip and Mulching 45.85 acres of Drip & Mulch installed 65 45.85 acres
501 177.89

Use of Water : By the direct involvement, participation, contribution and leadership of SHG,VO, Federation, and beneficiaries all these water structures have been utilised for high value crop production like chilli, brinjaol, tomato, bitter gourd, Cole crop and farm pond fishery.

Goat Rearing : Finalization of 2304 Goat rears household done. Two village have been identified as Goat Cluster village.

A Household Survey conducted in 44 villages to track the Household Annual Income from Goat during 2015-16, 2016-17, & 2017-8. The consolidated income of the Goat Rears was:

Year: 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18
Total HH 2134 2134 2134
Total Goat 940 2885 9713
Goat Died 207 175 123
No of Pig 2631
No of Birds 12103
Income from Goat 3,41,601 32,23,955 169,61,415

Total 556 diseased goats have been treated organising Goat Health Camp at village level. Vaccination/FMD done with 5235 goats and Deworming done with 1968 goats. Total 423 goats sold and current goats number is 13,268 goats. At the end of the year One Goat Fair is organised to promote awareness, demand generation and involvement of kisan in Goat rearing to increase household income to become Lakhapati.

Current Goat Information :

Total Goat Rears Present Total Goat Goat Shed Constructed Azola Pit Constructed Vaccination/FMD with No of Goat De-warming with No of Goat PPR Vaccination Goat Treated Goat Sold
2304 13268 1660 1280 5575 13183 6230 556 423

Lac Cultivation : Finalization of Lac rears done with 1042 HH. One family has been identified as Lac Entrepreneur farmer. Village level Lac Planning exercise completed in 18 villages. Capacity Building Training done with 701 Lac Family.

Fishery : Prior to the beginning of fish cultivation, a Survey was conducted in 44 villages to identify existing Fish Pond & status. Total 57 Ponds have been identified including Infosys Ponds. Three FSPs and a Fish Anchor/Coordinator were selected and under gone one day at Ranchi. It is finally decided that started in 27 ponds of 18 villages and for this Two Happa/Net made at Lakrajoria Pond for stacking procured fingerlings. The procured fingerlings of 113 kg stacked in that pond and as per requirement of each pond, fingerlings supplied to for 27 ponds.

During this year, Fish Care & Management Orientation with 261 beneficiaries done in 18 villages. DO & Flangton test done in 20 ponds by staff. Regular Netting done in all 27 ponds. Profiling data entry done through Android Mobile of 3 FSPs. Regular tracking of each fish pond progress including daily feeding and Netting. Due to down of Pond Water table, Result of Pond fish harvested in 8 ponds is poor. Total 162kg fish collected and sold. Fishery staff including FSPs attended training at Ranchi. Annual Fish Plan 2019-20 prepared and submitted to CINI-Ranchi that during 2019-20 Fishery will be done in 57 Pond. And for this & to control drudgery 2 Fish Nursery have planned to start Spawn of CC and IMC to develop fingerlings which are to be supplied to 57 local Ponds. Regular Monitoring of Fish Ponds, Staff Review and Planning meeting, Monthly Reporting , documentation and Photo capturing have been regularly done with the active involvement ,participation and leadership of SHGs and Federation members.

Panchayat Village SHGs No of Ponds Total Fingerlings supplied Total Beneficiaries Total fish Harvested Total Sell/Rs.
5 18 25 27 264 13.47kg 202,050

Convergence : Regular contact, communication, linkage and negotiation with lcal governance statem by SHG Federation members and Project staff the following Government schemes have been leveraged.

A. MNREGA/Mango Plantation :
Regular contact, communication and meeting with Jama BDO is being continued. Orientation on Mango-plantation was attended by Theme Anchor at Ranchi imparted by State Mango-Plantation Cell .Total 13 Acres of Mango-plantation have been sanctioned and Pit digging also completed at Kalipur Ranga & Thanardumeria village. Under MGNREGA, Jama Block supplied 1960 Mango Sapling Plants and fertilizers like ( Neem khad-1938kg, Vermi- 14326kg,Tridom-26.91kg, Benamil-969kg, Dolomite-1938kg) all these saplings already planted in 13 acres of land of 11 farmers at Kalipur Ranga & Thandadumeria villages by the participation of the beneficiaries and Block staff.

B. Agriculture(ATMA) Support :
SHGs Federation-Jama BOD members circulated the Consolidated Agriculture Micro-plan to Block, ATMA-Agriculture & Horticulture at Dumka district before Kharif. By the support of ATMA-Jama office 390 kg paddy (Sahabhagi Upland verity) provided to 67 farmers for 13.40 acres land paddy cultivation. At village level several paddy Nurseries promoted and Line showing paddy grown started. Besides this 16 Water Pump Set with 50% subsidy(Maximum Rs.10,000) provided to farmers.

C. Support from Jama Block :
Regular contact, communication and meeting with Jama BDO by Federation 40 nos old Village Open Well repairing have been sanctioned by Block Development Officer. Besides this, applications submitted to BDO-Jama for construction of new 40 Open Wells for irrigation facility to promote high value crop production. Besides this, Rs.60,14264 leveraged from Jama Block for the construction of Goat Shed, Water Structure Development like- Dova, Pond, Seepage Well and irrigation channels.

11. Impact & Changes :
Awareness generation among SHG members, VOs members & Federation Members, Promotion of Leadership capacity, Community involvement, participation & contribution, community programled by Women have been increased by which they are now able to manage their 218 SHGs, VOs & Federation independently. Regular meeting, Training, Campaign at SHG, VOs & Federation level has raised their voice, organised them, free from fear & male domination. Leadership among women developed. Project Initiatives aim to Working Together enhanced the capacity of women and men. Federation members are able to take the program responsibility in 44 villages independently including managing the Federation.

Local beneficiaries are being able and managing their local Land, Water, forest and other natural resources for greater improvement in livelihood.

Capacity Building of SHGs, VOs and Federation has increased their involvement and participation in Program planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. This yields greater benefit as women have better understanding of the felt needs of the communities, and they have unique perspectives about and an important insight into community danger and safety. Formation of large number of organized women's group help for setting women's priorities in village decision making and organized women's groups occupy a central role in the implementation of Livelihood development programmes which enables strong community ownership and rapid scaling up, and community-to-community transfer of knowledge. Working together increased the Community Empowerment, Community Mobilization, Community Participation in project Planning, Budgeting, Implementation, Monitoring, Review, Community Ownership of Project , Women Empowerment, Access to Improved Safe Drinking Water, Sanitation & Hygiene, , Child Education, Farm & Non Farm Based Livelihood, INRM-Water Conservation & Cluster Approach of IGA by women. Contact, Communication, Linkage, Convergence, Negotiation with Government Line Departments, Private Agencies, CBOs, PRI, as well as community and others led by women improved.

By the initiative of women groups, household income increased by adopting High Value Agricultural crop production increased through ensuring hi-tech-nursery and Drip and Mulching and arranging irrigation facilities, Goat rearing , Lac cultivation and fishery. Total 1156 Lakhapati Kisan created by 4th year project whose annual income Rs 80-120 thousand through the Creation of total irrigation facility, Drip & Mulch, High Value Agriculture demonstration plot, Community care & management of 13268 goat rearing, pond fishery and lac cultivation and Linkage with local Bank & Market etc encouraged other farmers to be involved in the process of Lakhapati Kisan.- The Lakhapati Kisan process impacting many other farmers who are also in process to become Lakhapti next year. Contact, communication and linkage with government officials by Federation is improved to ensure convergence of service form different line departments.

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