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Dear Friends,
It’s with pleasure that I present this annual report before you for the 23rd time since the society started crawling in 1992. It had been a non conventional and challenging task that we had put before ourselves.
I am glad to inform you that PRAVAH has completed its 24 years of journey of service for the development of rural untouched people. Our service has touched lives in remote and un-reached villages in Santhal Pargana region of Jharkhand. We faced stress factors like droughts, poverty, inequity & inefficient local self-governance over the years. The original mandate of alleviating poverty and enhancing the quality of life of the rural poor have remained the same, through the strategic orientation has undergone changes to meet the challenges of today keeping the view the needs of tomorrows. This change has come about consequent to shifts in development thinking at local level by the community.
This annual report is not just only a record of achievement for us, but also each work completed is associated in our memory with faces to which we brought smiles. This report of 2016-17 is thus also an attempt to bring to a wider readership the stories of lives that our work has, in some way, helped to change in a sustainable manner. We believe it is our mandate to make their voices heard their opinion count and their identifies and aspiration kept as the central focus of the development process irrespective of who the external facilitates development fractions are in the way we hope that stories detailed in the report will inspire others to try out the solution for themselves. This year we gave lot more stress to work on raising women’s voice, drive towards promoting people’s governance and sustainable livelihood through several interventions.
We are extremely grateful to the rural communities we have worked for and Collectives for Integrated Livelihood Initiatives(CInI), with us and our associates funders like ITC, Fight Hunger First Initiative IND 1258, Welthungerhilfe, SIFS IND 1317 playing new roles in enabling us to impact rural lives in meaningful ways. We look towards you, as before, for your continued support to learn how to do our work better in this collective fight against alleviating poverty, NRM, health, sanitation, livelihood and promoting good governance.
We owe a great deal to the members of our governing body for their devoted attention to guide our team members from time to time especially in the critical situations. I hope the members will critically evaluate the achievements, take stock of the limitations and provide guidance for the future activities and programs. I express again my thanks to the workers of the society whose hard labour and sincerity is engraved in each line of this report.

Thanking you.
June 1st ,2019 Dilip Kumar Secretary


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